Online Service Positions and Descriptions
 The following positions work as partners to run the meetings 
and allow the Chairpersons to run the meetings as seamlessly as possible.

    TechHost- The TechHost has access to meeting controls, such as chat and is able to mute/unmute audio during the meeting. 
Generally, folks remember to switch off when they are not speaking or sharing, but occasionally someone may forget and there is background noise in the meeting. 
To try our best to make this a safe space for participants, Group Conscience empowers the TechHost, in emergency, to turn off video, or bounce a person from the room for deliberate disruption. 
Further, the TechHost limits the chat during the meeting to between the TechHost and meeting participants, limiting crosstalk or TROLLS from disturbing participants. 
Please be sure to open the chat  for all participants in the last few minutes of the meeting for 7th Tradition Information, Sponsor/Sponsee Info and general chat between members.

2. Screensharer - This person is responsible for assisting the Chair by sharing onscreen all the readings used during the meeting, from the Preamble and How It Works through the Chair's chosen main daily reading to the Closing Passages, such as the Promises, etc. 
This is so the Chair and participants don't need to switch between apps on their devices looking for documents, but can rather read along easily with the group.
The idea of keeping the meeting flowing as easily as possible so that participants feel comfortable with our new technology is important. Folks who come are more likely to keep coming back and hopefully also get involved with the daily service positions if they see things running fairly smoothly and seamlessly. This is the Screensharer's main objective.
​**The Screensharer may download or use the Literature found on the
 "AA LIterature We Use In Meetings" page on the site menu.
It is advised they open and ready the literature before the meeting starts. We have asked that Chairpersons communicate the day before about their choice of Daily Reading or Topic.
It is best for the Screensharer to use a device with a large screen, such as laptop,desktop or large tablet as the group will see what you see on  screens.

3. Chairperson- The Chairperson is responsible to choose the day's readings, lead the meeting using the format (see: "Meeting Format Script" page in Main Menu). 
The Chairperson  keeps the meeting running smooth, greeting folks as they enter, asking for volunteers to read and watching out for all participants onscreen in case someone needs assistance of any sort.

Please be aware that you will need to be sure TechHost has opened the chat to all as you close the meeting so you can Copy-Paste the 7th Tradition.

(As we are remote, the easiest way for Chair to watch faces, or waving hands, etc. is to first, try to 
(a) use your computer as it has a large screen, and 
(b) check your device beforehand to find "gallery" mode. this will put up to 25 participants on your screen for you to see. This will be especially handy as meetings grow.)

Finally, the Chairs are asked to send the day's readings to the Screensharer 24 hours before their meeting if possible, so the Screensharer can ready the documents. Chairs need only to tell the Screensharer which book or document and selected pages. The Screensharer will get them ready for you. ​